Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 Ways to Fix the World

A boy enjoys a fish tank at the Oklahoma Aquarium

15 Ways to Fix the World - The Atlantic (July/August 2009)

In next month's edition, which you can now see by following the link above, The Atlantic posts some clever proposals to fix the world. Among them, try Gregg Easterbrook's article "Privatize the Seas," which, while not a sexy topic, is important if a) you want your kids first "pet" to be fish; or b) you just like to eat them.

As a primer, here is a Times article from earlier this year that explains the problem and potential solutions.

Fish Shares and Sharing Fish, the ocean fish&st=cse . Thoughts?

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  1. Those are some (I emphasize some) creative proposals although many of them are not new (See "Unleash the Dogs of Peace" which was the original answer to Rwanda before a UN mandate stopped it). I also note that it did work... I especially liked the "Welcome Guest Worker" article. Go globalisation!