Tuesday, July 7, 2009


One thing that young Americans need to keep in mind as we move forward through our lives as responsible liberal citizens is that science and religion are and should be considered distinct paradigms.

To illustrate, many people would like to frame the debate between creationism and evolutionary biology / geography / geology / archaeology / physiology / behavioral psychology / etc., as a debate about scientific integrity. Pathetic wannabe institutions like the Creation Museum assert the existence of an alternative "science" that supports Adam and Eve's children cavorting with dinosaurs on the riverbanks. ...Really?

Religion, unlike science, is a belief system. As Spock would likely say, religion is illogical. However, this does not mean religion has to be counter-logical. If individuals and institutions wish to assert a faith that does not contradict the basic physical and chemical laws of the universe, they must adapt their faith to these realities, not the other way around.

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